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Local Public Officials

Do you have natural gas pipelines running through your community?  
Do you know the name of your local natural gas company?  
Have you heard or seen a message regarding natural gas safety in the last 12 months?  
Before today, about when was your last contact with someone from the natural gas Industry related to pipeline safety?
(If known, fill in approximate date or number of weeks, months, or years ago.)  
Do you have the number to call the natural gas company if there is an incident or you need more information?  
Do you know who regulates the natural gas company in this community?  
Do you know what precautions an excavator should take prior to digging to avoid accidentally hitting a natural gas pipeline?  
Are you familiar with the one-call line?  
How would you rate the adequacy of information you have about natural gas safety (e.g., how to recognize a leak, what to do when there is a leak, what first responders should do, etc.)?  
Does your community have an emergency response plan to deal with a natural gas leak (regardless of whether intentional or accidental.)?  
Are you aware of any pipeline leaks that occurred in your community in the last 2 years?  
Have any of your local citizens or businesses expressed concern in the last 12 months about any issue regarding natural gas safety?  
Overall, do you feel the natural gas industry has an adequate public safety awareness program?